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As a parent, should I push my child to take music lessons or play some sports?  Most kids don't want to take lessons but later in life it seems they might regret not doing it.  I know these things teach dicipline but I also do not want to push to much. What is the best way to handle this?

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Make a game out of choosing which instrument that they daughter wanted to play the violin, so she tried, then it was the tuba, then the french horn..........then she found that her voice has more power so she sang.  My sons wanted to try soft ball.  The Dr advised against contact sports because of their medical condition.  I liked rollar skating but I could not ice skate.  I skated from 9 into my adult years and took the kids with me.  They loved skating.  It was good family fun.
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Suddenly in 1948, my parents bought an upright piano.  They decided that I had to take lessons.  The teacher would not teach me holiday songs........only classical and I did not like that.  I asked again about different music to play and the teacher smacked my hands with a long stick.....................that was it.............I would never go back again.  If she only would have let me learn 2 types of music I would have continued.  I wished that I kept up with it but it is too late now.  I don't have room for a piano now.
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