I would like some good advice on how to best organize a budget and keep my bills organized and paid on time.

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1 Answer

Start looking for a flex folder that can hold 31 days............make them 1 to 31.................look at your bill due date.....back it up 14 days....put the bill marked with the date on the envelope that you have to write the check..................put it into that correct date of sending it..............each day check your folder to see if you have to write a bill.  I can check my bank account on line....I don't pay that way I just keep $300.00 in the checking and keep all the rest in the savings account and tranfer it to the checking account as needed.  I constantly check my accounts.

When my children were small times were tough and I bought a lot of things at yard sales and immediately washed them and altered clothes by hand.  Money saved is money earned.  Good luck with your budget.
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