Can I get some guidelines for proper formal table setting? Where do salad fork and dinner fork go? Knife? Water glass? Wine glass? Napkin?

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1 Answer

Plain or fancy table cover for formal..............dinner plate first lunch plate on top with soup bowl on top of that...............3 forks on left with large dinner fork in the middle.  on the right of the plates, knife with curved edge turned toward plate an inch away small spoon and then larger spoon with saucer and cup beside it with handle turned out to left.  above the knife abour 3 inches up water glass and to the right 3 inches the wine or juice glass.  above the forks a small plate for buttering bread with a small knife on the upper edge.  on the table a small center piece, candles.  But you can make it your own.  That is the basic formal style .  The napkins can be folded on the right beside the forks.

When I did formal, I only bought clear glass dishes and clear glasses so that they looked like crystal and everything blended.  I did buy some beautiful crystal pieces at yard sales and brought them home and washed them in dawn and ammonia in warm water each piece by itself on a towel in the dishpan and carefully rinsed them off in lukewarm water.

You can add some fancy bread baskets and glass relish trays or glass bowls to pass around the table
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