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We have tried to have a yard sale a few times and can't seem to get anyone to come.  We are in the middle of a neighborhood and not really near a crowded street. What is the best way to get people to come?

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2 Answers

Start 3 weeks ahead with signs in the local storres, advertize in the newspaper the week of the sale.....use colorful paper from the busy highway to you..........tell all your neighbors get them to also have a sale the more house sales the better to draw people to your sale.  When you can get more neighbors to do this you can say block sale and list what is for sale.  Good luck with your sale and anything that does not sell donate and get a written receipt and deduct it off your income tax.  You have to write out each thing that you donate but it helps at tax time.
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You can sometimes post free ads online in your local paper's classified section. You can also try posting on craigslist. There are a few different places to post there. The "Community" section might be a good place to start.

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