How much tv, internet and video games should children or teens be allowed per day? What is the best way to monitor their usage?

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2 Answers

Homework & studing must be done first.........all chores next and you decide according to how much time is left for supper and when they wash &  go to bed.  I don't believe children should watch violent shows or video's,  you should know exactly what they want to see and what it is rated before agreeing if   they can see it.  1 hr a day is a start. for during the week.   Weekends is lots of chores and the reward is to choose which one that they want to see or play a game.  But you still have to know exactly what it  is and monitor the viewing.  If they become agressive after they view it that that is not good for them to watch.  Homework done on the computer does not count for that time or seaching for information about a school project does not count also.  There are restrictions that you can put on your computer so they don't have access and this should not be in their bedroom.  I disconnected my piece for visual and audio when I saw the camera move around.....and I did not do anything to even start I pulled both plugs...............
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If internet use is related to homework it can be a great tool and resource. Make sure to monitor it carefully with children and teens.  Use filters whenever possible. Keep computers in main areas of the house in order to easily monitor content.  There are some computer programs which can track the amount of usage and turn off access after an allotted time each day.  These can be very helpful as well.

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